See you in Boston at AAM 2022!

A mix of skyscrapers and short buildings on the waterfront set in front of a clear, blue sky with a dark, blue harbor in the foreground.
Boston Skyline / King of Hearts / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

We don’t want to go back to “normal”, but we are ready to see you all in person again! We made an appearance at AASLH in Little Rock last fall, and we’re planning more open discussions at conferences later this year. Right now, we are getting ready for AAM 2022 in Boston. As always, there’s a lot to talk about. The same old stories with new twists keep happening, so join us to move beyond talk and take some action!

We’ll be leading A Museums & Race Report Card Workshop for Reflecting on and Renewing Your Institution’s Journey on Sunday, 5/22 at 10:15am. This will be a practical workshop where you not only learn about the Report Card, but you get to work in small groups, practice applying it to different scenarios, and figure out how you can use it with your organization.Keep an eye out for Museums & Race folks wandering around with our shirts and buttons on. You can expect us to join in any conversation, official or not, about museums and race. Flag us down and chat about how you can help out, talk about issues you’re having at your site, or just shoot the breeze! And hey, if you want your own shirt, you can order one yourself.

Six people of various races and ethnicities sit in a circle talking below a screen that says "Museums & Race" in a conference hall. A medium skinned women with short dark hair wearing a pink vest holds a microphone and talks to the others.
New Orleans, LA – AAM Annual Meeting and MuseumExpo 2019 – Attendees during MuseumExpo Networking Breakfast, Wednesday May 22, 2019. Photo by © AAM/Matt Herp 2019 Contact Info: