How you can get involved

Do you have the understanding and desire to push the museum field beyond talk–towards measurable anti-racist action? Museums & Race is a coalition of people who want to do the hard work of dismantling oppressive policies and practices. Your voice, presence, skills, and spirit are welcome, and we’d love to hear how you want to join us in this work. Our coalition is deliberately non-hierarchical in our practice, thus allowing us to implement a wide spectrum of approaches, successfully! 

Short on time yet big on passion? Whether it’s serving as a Museums & Race Steering Committee Member, assisting on a specific project or annual event, coordinating calendars and logistics, providing social media expertise, or harnessing graphic design skills, your talents are vital to this work. 

Help us support the people doing the antiracist work of making change happen: challenging and re-imagining institutional policies and systems that perpetuate oppressions in museums. As a volunteer led coalition, we utilize all donations towards funding Museums & Race seminars, workshops, and future research and analytics.

If you’d like to volunteer your time, your skills, your access, or your money, please reach out to us and share how you can support us. In the meantime, you can also support our work and get a dope Museums & Race shirt

Connect with us

Want to learn more about dismantling oppressive policies and practices? Ready to dig deeper and apply this to your practice? Looking to join Museums & Race in a capacity of your choosing by spending your time?

We are a group of museum enthusiasts who are interested in effecting radical change in our field. Despite over a generation of effort in this area, structural racism is persistent and pervasive in our institutions, and is at the heart of the museum field’s failure to diversify its boards, staff, collections, members, and visitors. It is necessary to be real about this. We must be honest and truthful about this reality in order to recognize entrenched racism and this difficult (and potentially contentious) undertaking if museums are to serve its diverse peoples.

Drop us a line and let us know how we can work together to create more equitable, antiracist museums. Please include your name, email, and some details about how we can support each other.