Ayo Fam!

Museums and Race #AAM2019 Sponsorship Opportunities are Live!

We’re looking for a few more generous souls to help us make the 2019 Museums and Race Transformation and Justice Lounge and WE ALL GET FREE Pre-conference the best it can be.

Does that sound like you or your organization?

Learn more or jump in and sign-up at the right level for you.

Your financial support ensures that the Transformation & Justice Lounge remains THE go-to space in #AAM2019 Expo Hall for: meaningful networking, recharging (your spirit + your phone), quiet reflection, lightening talks, community cyphers, and collaborative art.

For real, for real, your financial support:

  • puts snacks on the table, 
  • streams documentaries on the TV, 
  • adds “1-2-3” to the microphone check, 
  • places essential oils in the relaxation corner, 
  • prints the newly re-designed Report Cards,
  • covers processing fees for the new t-shirts

and NEW for 2019,

You can sponsor/gift a colleague’s attendance to Museums and Race’s
“WE ALL GET FREE” Retreat and Restorative Experience (May 18th) 

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